Event Styling on Long Beach Island and surrounding towns

It includes:

  • Creating your wedding design: Coming up with a color palette, decor, flowers (of course!) 
  • Setting up your wedding and decor day of the wedding
  • Planning a rehearsal dinner 
  • Organizing your guests for the rehearsal dinner
  • Decorating and styling your rehearsal dinner

Prices range from $500-$1,000 depending upon your needs.

Contact me to see your services started today.


After being an LBI bride, I noticed how helpful it would be to have a person put together all those last minute details.

My Favorite NJ Wedding Photographers

Choosing a Photographer for your Wedding

The photographer is the most important person you hire at your wedding. Do not compromise your photographer!

This is the person you’re going to trust to capture memories and moments the way you want to remember them. Do not compromise on this vendor at your wedding.

Plus your photographer is the person you spend your whole wedding with. You want to make sure you vibe with this person, you get along with them, and you feel like you can trust them.

I've put together a list of some of my favorite NJ photographers. All of these photographers use beautiful uses of light, they shoot people in their natural element, and each photographer has their own unique style. If any of my brides ask for referrals for photographers I always shoot this list of names by them. 

City Love Photography- NYC + NJ Weddings

Dawn Joseph Photography- NJ, NY, PA, + Destination Weddings

Kay English Photography- NJ, NY, PA, + Destination Weddings

Anastasia Romanova Photography- Jersey Shore, PA, + Southern NJ


Happy Planning Brides!

2015 Bouquet Inspiration-Lilac

For my 2015 brides I'm seeing a move away from the rustic movement and a lot more brides being drawn towards big, soft flowers with touches of wild flowers. The  biggest come back I've seen in a lot of my brides inspiration is the lilac. I've seen it sprawled across Pinterest and I love that it's making a come back.

Lilac: The usual flower color is a shade of purple (often a light purple or lilac), but white, pale yellow, pink, and even a dark burgundy color are also available. The flowers growing large panicles, and have a strong fragrance. Flowering varies between mid spring to early summer. 

When paired with peonies, it looks incredibly beautiful. It gives a little bit of a wild flower look but it's still romantic enough to be soft. 

White peonies, Dusty miller, Lilac

Here's some more lilac inspiration for your 2015 wedding.

Happy 2015 Planning!


A Botanical Box Wedding featured on Violet Bride

When I asked Joe + Alicia if they wanted to be featured on a wedding blog, they were super excited and said "I'm bias, I really loved our wedding, but it's just super awesome when other people, who are not involved, like it too!" 

Just one of the perks of being a botanical box bride, yay! 
Read the adorable story about how this couple met, how he proposed, and of course the favorite parts of their wedding.

Thank you Sweet Violet Bride for publishing this wedding.


Sneak Peek: Caitlin + Gary's Rustic Lavender Wedding

A perfect pair, lavender + fall, oh and Caitlin and Gary!

I loved this couple, they were so awesome to work with. I had met Caitlin at Starbucks for our very first meeting and she was a little overwhelmed with flowers at this point. She had started collecting birch bark slabs and mismatching purple, pink, and grey vases. Caitlin had this incredible vision of vintage meets rustic romance and I was like yes this is my girl. She was super excited to hand over all these vases and birch bark slabs and to feel like she could trust me to make this dream come true. 

I know that's the hardest part for a bride. You spend a lot of your time creating these Pinterest boards and dreams and you have to put it in our hands. My favorite part of working with my brides is creating a genuine friendship with my brides. From this friendship I get a true sense of who you are, what you want, and I can tell she would like this, she wouldn't like that. With Caitlin it was like we were BFF's from the start and I was so excited to exceed her expectations on her wedding day.

For the sneak peek, I'm sharing pictures of the bouquets and the centerpiece being delivered. I'm still holding out for the photographer's photo's but here's some rustic meets vintage romance inspiration.

4 Rustic NJ Wedding Venues

The best part about being a floral designer is traveling all over NJ and seeing the different venues my brides pick. This summer I've been to a private farm, a winery, a mansion, and a backyard in the mountains of NJ. 

Here's some of my favorite unique NJ wedding venues:

Lake Valhalla Club

Four Sisters Winery

The Loft at Jack's Barn

 This venue is ranked #1 in my book as  definitely NJ's coolest venue.  I highly recommend The Loft to all my rustic vintage brides!

This venue is ranked #1 in my book as  definitely NJ's coolest venue.

I highly recommend The Loft to all my rustic vintage brides!

The Gables

 Rustic, Romantic, and right near the ocean.

Rustic, Romantic, and right near the ocean.

Five DIY Rustic Centerpieces

I’ve personally handpicked these centerpieces because they are full of hardy stems and you don’t need to do a ton of prep work to keep them fresh. Behind the floral wedding work scene is a lot of prep work. If you plan to go the DIY wedding route, two words will save your wedding flowers, FLOWER FOOD!

If you want something simple and easy here are the best DIY wedding centerpieces.

1) Baby’s Breathe Centerpiece

Baby's breathe my favorite, it smells beautiful, and it's not too picky about how much prep work it needs either. Make sure to cut the stems at 45 degree's, place in water with flower food, and don't put these too close to other flowers. Keep baby's breathe away from other flowers and fruit, it's highly sensitive to Ethylene. 

2) Branches

Add big trunks of wood or logs to a table for a dramatic effect. You can go the traditional route by adding curly willow to a vase with hanging votives. 

3) Dried Flowers

I'm a huge fan of dried flowers and they don't go to waste after the wedding! Mix up different types of dried or add in artificial flowers.

I find some of the best one's on Etsy or Hammelman's

4) Potted Plants

Buy and set on the table, these could even double as a favor if you go with mini potted plants.

5) Wildflowers

Wildflowers tend to be very hardy, they're not very picky about how much water they need or refrigeration. If a bride decides to go diy I always suggest using lots of these as fillers if she has no floral knowledge.


How to Connect to Your Work + Star Gazing Campground.

Summer's are for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation right? Not for us wedding industry folks; but I was lucky enough to sneak away one weekend to reconnect with why I started playing with flowers in the first place. 

One weekend in July my husband and I took a long weekend with two other couples to a special star gazing campground. At this campground you can only use flash lights covered in red cellophane, this keep outs all light pollution, and you can see an incredible amount of stars.

The hard part about being a flower lover is that you see inspiration everywhere especially at a campground over flowing with wild flowers. The campground had my mind racing with ideas. The fields were full of green grass, wheat stalks, purple flowers, pinks, oranges, and tons, tons of monarch butterflies fluttering through out the field. It's incredible when you go to such a remote place and find the best inspiration. 

Getting some time away from Pinterest, blogs, and email was the best thing I could have done.

I realized when I need to connect to my work I need to go back to the root. I have to go back to where my love for my work grew and where my product (flowers) actually come from.

My love for nature comes from spending countless days outside in upstate NY. I remember running around in backyards, creating, imaging, and playing. Combining my love of creating and nature is where I find a true connection of purpose and work. Seeing flowers in their natural habitat growing wild and free, in a field, inspires me to bring that feeling in to my designs. To remind people of maybe that time when they were young or felt connected to nature.

Repeat after me when you find yourself frustrated, over whelmed, and burnt out.

Stop, relax, and connect to the root.

10 Free Wedding Decorations-Printables

Recently I've expanded my portfolio to include wedding blogger. I've been published on A Practical Wedding (I'll publish that post to soon, it's a personal post) and I'm now the contributing floral blogger for Pretty Pear Bride.

With this new adventure to be a blogger, I'll be sharing tons of flower and decor topics like the top 10 fall centerpieces, 5 diy centerpieces, and lots of tips/tricks for diy weddings. 

Check out my recent article:


What is Pretty Pear Bride?

"Pretty Pear Bride was started as a site where plus size brides can find bridal inspiration that THEY long for. So many people planning their weddings struggle with finding inspiration that includes images that look like them.  Everyone wants to see people that look like them, doing what they are trying to do because it allows them to envision that they can be just as glamorous and gorgeous as they imagined. So the mission was clear: merge a love for blogging and wedding planning with creating a place for plus size brides to see themselves in wedding inspiration."- Shafonne Myers, CEO


 The fall article!

The fall article!

Head on over to pretty pear bride even if you're not plus size, it's a beautiful wedding website with lots of body love and motivation! I love the mission behind it and can't wait to contribute more.

Alicia + Joe's Vintage Rustic Wedding

Alicia and Joe's wedding was one of the most dedicated weddings I've seen yet. There's always something at every wedding that surprises me about the couple or takes me in to their world a little bit more.

Before the wedding Alicia had told me the plan all about using a friends property, renting a tent, and hunting for tons of mismatching china. Alicia even showed me all the wood burned tags she created for favors for the guests.

I was doing the on site floral set up and the dedication by the bride, groom, family, and friends was blew me away. Everywhere you could see something handmade; a burlap banner,  framed love quote centerpieces, gold sheets as a ceremony back drop, and vintage furniture.

Here's a couple shots from the beautiful handmade day.

You can see more of my photos here or check out more of the photographers photo's here.



NJ Flower Farms!

I’m so happy to announce I've recently connected with Sunset Flower Farms, a NJ flower farm and I can’t wait to start using them for weddings.

Linda is the owner of Sunset Flower Farms and her story is pretty cool, she’s a retired floral designer herself so I guess she knows a thing or 2 about flowers. Linda and her husband retired, bought some land, and brought new life to an old pepper farm and an old farm house.

She was warm, friendly, and her house was incredible. I hope to go back someday just to take pictures of her home, it’s straight out of Design*Sponge.

 Renovated Farm House + Farm Shed

Renovated Farm House + Farm Shed

Right, back to the flowers! On the farm she grows:


 Fields of Peonies!

Fields of Peonies!


Limelight Hydrangeas



Tons of sunflowers and lots more.

 Farm Bouquet Bunch by Linda

Farm Bouquet Bunch by Linda

I've been searching for a farm source because the flowers are fresher, you can get weirder flowers, and I like knowing my flowers were grown right here in NJ.

Thank you Linda so much for showing me around your farm, I can’t wait to do some wedding work with you next summer!