How to Connect to Your Work + Star Gazing Campground.

Summer's are for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation right? Not for us wedding industry folks; but I was lucky enough to sneak away one weekend to reconnect with why I started playing with flowers in the first place. 

One weekend in July my husband and I took a long weekend with two other couples to a special star gazing campground. At this campground you can only use flash lights covered in red cellophane, this keep outs all light pollution, and you can see an incredible amount of stars.

The hard part about being a flower lover is that you see inspiration everywhere especially at a campground over flowing with wild flowers. The campground had my mind racing with ideas. The fields were full of green grass, wheat stalks, purple flowers, pinks, oranges, and tons, tons of monarch butterflies fluttering through out the field. It's incredible when you go to such a remote place and find the best inspiration. 

Getting some time away from Pinterest, blogs, and email was the best thing I could have done.

I realized when I need to connect to my work I need to go back to the root. I have to go back to where my love for my work grew and where my product (flowers) actually come from.

My love for nature comes from spending countless days outside in upstate NY. I remember running around in backyards, creating, imaging, and playing. Combining my love of creating and nature is where I find a true connection of purpose and work. Seeing flowers in their natural habitat growing wild and free, in a field, inspires me to bring that feeling in to my designs. To remind people of maybe that time when they were young or felt connected to nature.

Repeat after me when you find yourself frustrated, over whelmed, and burnt out.

Stop, relax, and connect to the root.