Five DIY Rustic Centerpieces

I’ve personally handpicked these centerpieces because they are full of hardy stems and you don’t need to do a ton of prep work to keep them fresh. Behind the floral wedding work scene is a lot of prep work. If you plan to go the DIY wedding route, two words will save your wedding flowers, FLOWER FOOD!

If you want something simple and easy here are the best DIY wedding centerpieces.

1) Baby’s Breathe Centerpiece

Baby's breathe my favorite, it smells beautiful, and it's not too picky about how much prep work it needs either. Make sure to cut the stems at 45 degree's, place in water with flower food, and don't put these too close to other flowers. Keep baby's breathe away from other flowers and fruit, it's highly sensitive to Ethylene. 

2) Branches

Add big trunks of wood or logs to a table for a dramatic effect. You can go the traditional route by adding curly willow to a vase with hanging votives. 

3) Dried Flowers

I'm a huge fan of dried flowers and they don't go to waste after the wedding! Mix up different types of dried or add in artificial flowers.

I find some of the best one's on Etsy or Hammelman's

4) Potted Plants

Buy and set on the table, these could even double as a favor if you go with mini potted plants.

5) Wildflowers

Wildflowers tend to be very hardy, they're not very picky about how much water they need or refrigeration. If a bride decides to go diy I always suggest using lots of these as fillers if she has no floral knowledge.