Sneak Peek: Caitlin + Gary's Rustic Lavender Wedding

A perfect pair, lavender + fall, oh and Caitlin and Gary!

I loved this couple, they were so awesome to work with. I had met Caitlin at Starbucks for our very first meeting and she was a little overwhelmed with flowers at this point. She had started collecting birch bark slabs and mismatching purple, pink, and grey vases. Caitlin had this incredible vision of vintage meets rustic romance and I was like yes this is my girl. She was super excited to hand over all these vases and birch bark slabs and to feel like she could trust me to make this dream come true. 

I know that's the hardest part for a bride. You spend a lot of your time creating these Pinterest boards and dreams and you have to put it in our hands. My favorite part of working with my brides is creating a genuine friendship with my brides. From this friendship I get a true sense of who you are, what you want, and I can tell she would like this, she wouldn't like that. With Caitlin it was like we were BFF's from the start and I was so excited to exceed her expectations on her wedding day.

For the sneak peek, I'm sharing pictures of the bouquets and the centerpiece being delivered. I'm still holding out for the photographer's photo's but here's some rustic meets vintage romance inspiration.