My Favorite NJ Wedding Photographers

Choosing a Photographer for your Wedding

The photographer is the most important person you hire at your wedding. Do not compromise your photographer!

This is the person you’re going to trust to capture memories and moments the way you want to remember them. Do not compromise on this vendor at your wedding.

Plus your photographer is the person you spend your whole wedding with. You want to make sure you vibe with this person, you get along with them, and you feel like you can trust them.

I've put together a list of some of my favorite NJ photographers. All of these photographers use beautiful uses of light, they shoot people in their natural element, and each photographer has their own unique style. If any of my brides ask for referrals for photographers I always shoot this list of names by them. 

City Love Photography- NYC + NJ Weddings

Dawn Joseph Photography- NJ, NY, PA, + Destination Weddings

Kay English Photography- NJ, NY, PA, + Destination Weddings

Anastasia Romanova Photography- Jersey Shore, PA, + Southern NJ


Happy Planning Brides!