2015 Bouquet Inspiration-Lilac

For my 2015 brides I'm seeing a move away from the rustic movement and a lot more brides being drawn towards big, soft flowers with touches of wild flowers. The  biggest come back I've seen in a lot of my brides inspiration is the lilac. I've seen it sprawled across Pinterest and I love that it's making a come back.

Lilac: The usual flower color is a shade of purple (often a light purple or lilac), but white, pale yellow, pink, and even a dark burgundy color are also available. The flowers growing large panicles, and have a strong fragrance. Flowering varies between mid spring to early summer. 

When paired with peonies, it looks incredibly beautiful. It gives a little bit of a wild flower look but it's still romantic enough to be soft. 

White peonies, Dusty miller, Lilac

Here's some more lilac inspiration for your 2015 wedding.

Happy 2015 Planning!